Saturday, November 17, 2012


I went back and read what I wrote last night when we got I and WOW was I tired!! Sorry for all the  incoherent things I wrote...haha!  So, basically we slept all night long -yahoo- and woke up well rested!! We ate a great, BIG breakfast at the hotel and met the other families for sightseeing.  We have an AMAZING guide named Yoshi. He took us too Tienamen square, the Forbidden City, an authentic Chinese lunch, Temple of Heaven, the pearl factory, and an amazing acrobatic show!!! As you can imagine, we are tired!!! I got to experience a "squatty potty" today wasn't as bad as I thought it would be! While sightseeing people kept coming up to our group asking us to take pictures with them. our guide explained that some of the Chinese people were here from other parts of China and that we may be the first white people they had ever seen. one of the guys in our group is over 6' tall and. He got plentyof looks and pictures taken of him...ha!!

The sightseeing was wonderful! I took a ton of pictures but I can't load them on here. :(. It seems that we are going to be unable to put any pictures on here until we are home!!! Our laptop and iPad don't have a port to plug in the adapter card for the pictures :(. When we get to our next hotel we will check out the business center there and see if they can help us!! I will still take manictures though!!

We are going to see the Great Wall tomorrow, then we are flying to Xian in the evening. The other families are all flying together to another province but we will meet them again once we go to Guangzhou. When we get to Xian our guide will tell us when we are getting Grace. It will either be tomorrow night once we get to Xian or Monday.  I am praying for more good nights sleep would be very helpful!!! Plus, I would like to have the chance to go to the store first and purchase supplies and toys before we meet her.

Ok...I am getting very tired as I write this...I don't want to get incoherent like last night so I will say goodnight for now :)


  1. Wow Stacey not only a blessing to be adopting a child, but the experiences you are having and seeing in,another country. Love you guys and love reading your blog.

  2. It's Monday, and I am so emotional thinking about you guys. Have you held her yet??? Praying for you guys. Cant wait for an update!!!!