Saturday, November 24, 2012


We are in Guangzhou and we have wifi in our room!!!  Woohoo!!  So, Grace took her first plane ride yesterday and did very well!  We didn't leave for the airport yesterday until 3:30 so we spent the majority of our morning hanging out in our hotel room. Grace laid down for her nap but woke up a few hours later with a bad cough and a temperature.  So I broke out the Tylenol I brought from home and gave her a little.  I was fraud the plane ride was going to be super bad since she was not feeling herself but she did great! David and I laid her across our legs and gave her a bottle.  Grace uses her bottle like a a pacifier so she held it in her mouth the majority of the plane ride.  She fell right sleep and didn't make a peep.  A couple of people asked me how old my son was since they cut Grace's hair so short :(. This make me event more determined to get a bow in hair...ha!!!

Grace had her medical checkup first thing in the morning. It was a bit crazy! Imagine walking into a clinic with about 100 other families!  All were Americans adopting children. This medical checkup is something we have to do for the US gsvt in order to get her visa.  She was a very good girl and all the drs were smitten with her. She checked out great and the dr said her cough and fever could be treated with Tylenol.  

We stayed in the room the rest of the day in hopes kyhat she would start to feel better soon.  I have to go now....I will write more later.

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