Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Leaving on a jet plane

We are leaving for China in the morning!!! Wahooo!!!  I can't believe it is FINALLY here!!!  I can't wait to hold Grace!!!  I am super sad to be leaving Ian here but I know it is for the best.  David and I really need that time alone with Grace for bonding.  I know she will bond very fast to Ian.  I am told that she LOVES his picture the best in the family album I sent to her!

I started feeling pretty crummy last evening.  I went to bed super early but woke up in the middle of the night with the stomach bug Ian had last week :(  Needless to say the timing isn't the best!!  However, I am glad I have it now and NOT tomorrow on the plane!  I am just praying I can get everything done I need to get done today!!

Here's the schedule of our trip...
Thursday, Novmeber 15 - leave America for China
Friday, November 16 - Arrive in China in the afternoon (China time)
Saturday, November 17 - Sightsee throughout Beijing
Sunday, November 18 - more sightseeing then fly to the province of Xi'an (Grace's province) in the evening
Monday, November 19- Get Grace!!!!!
Tuesday, November 20 - finalize adoption in China
Wednesday, November 21 - 22 - hang out in Xi'an and wait for adoption paperwork
Friday, November 23 - fly to Guangzhou
Saturday, November 24 - medical appt. for Grace
Sunday, November 25 - sightsee throughout Guangzhou
Monday, November 26 - Drop off Grace's paperwork at the US Embassy office
Tuesday, November 27 - Pick up Grace's US Visa from US Embassy!!!
Wednesay, November 28 - take train to Hong Kong and sightsee throughout Hong Kong
Thursday, November 29 - COME HOME!!

WOW - that seems like alot!!  They keep us busy - which is great! Too much sitting around and I will focus on how much I miss Ian! Please pray for us while we are gone!  I will be updating the blog as much as possible while we are in China.  I just don't know how internet service will be - so please be patient with me - ha!

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