Saturday, November 24, 2012

Feeling better

Well...this is our 2nd full day in Guangzhou.  Let me just tell you that I really like it here a lot.  Imagine a Chinese Charleston and that is GZ. It is very charming.  We are staying on Shamaen Island and it is super busy but very quaint. 

So, today Grace and I are hanging out in our hotel.  Little missy has been super sick this past 24 hours.  I don't know exactly how high her fever got but we gave her Luke warm baths off and on last night along with Tylenol and Motrin.  One of the people we are traveling with in our group happens to be a pediatric nurse, so she looked at Grace and deciphered that she was having trouble breathing so she happened to have some extra albuterol and an air chamber.  We gave her breathing treatments through the night and it seemed to help.  Our group we are traveling with has been a Godsend on this trip!!  Grace woke up this morning nice and coolbut still has a bad cough and isn't back to herself yet.  We were supposed to be with the rest of our group sight seeing but she and I stayed here in the hotel today.  David was going to stay back too but there was no sense in both of us missing I am using this time for extra attachment time :).  

She got a little room-sick, so I put her in the stroller the hotel let us borrow and she loved it!!  We strolled along the streets and down to the local park.  We got to hear some older Chinese people singing chineses songs, doing Tai Chi, and dancinge.  It is was pretty cool.  Everyone was so friendly when they saw us.  They all taked to grace and smiled at me.  You can totally tell they see Americans with Chinese babies all the time.  While we were out strolling, I saw lots of people selling those squeaky shoes that everyone told me to get, so once David gets back we will do a bit of shopping. We haven't rally bought any souvenirs yet, so I think this is the place to get them.  I also saw a umbrella stroller of under $20 here so I think we buy one to get us through the rest of our trip since she loves it so much!  

Tomorrow we have our Visa interview at the US Embassy at 8:30 AM. If all goes well we should be able to pick up Graces US visa on Tuesday morning...woohoo!!  Once we get that Visa in our hands then she is 100% ours!!  

Both David and I are falling more and more in love with Grace daily!!  I do think she is going to be a daddy's girl though...she has him wrapped around her finger already! I can't wait for Ian to meet her too. She is going to rock his world...but on a good way :). I do think we are going to have to remind him how much he wanted a sibling once she gets home and starts getting into his thing...ha!!  I can't wait to celebrate Christmas this year our new many girls things to get :)

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