Monday, November 19, 2012


We are here in Grace's province, Xian. We arrived here late Sunday night (China time). We checked into our hotel and went to sleep. The next day we were supposed to meet Grace at 2:30, so we had all morning to explore. The hotel didn't have any wifi and was being renovated so we asked to move hotels and now we are in a great hotel with wifi in the lobby area but not in the rooms.  It is making istanbul super tough to skype with Ian and we are missing him soooooo much!! 

Anyway, after we changed hotels it was time to go get Grace.  We ended up waiting over an hour and a half for her to arrive (traffic here is horrible). When she came in she was escorted by the director of Starfish and her nanny.  I was praying her nanny wouldn't bring her since Grace is so attached to her but I am aslso glad the nanny got to see us so she could feel better about letting Grace go.  Grace was not happy at all!!!!!!!  She eventually let David hold her but she doesn't like me at all!!!  Needless to say we didn't get any pictures of her at all!  After the exchange we headed to get Graces passport picture. Then once we got back to the hotel I left David with Grace and walked Pizza Hut to get our dinner. Grace fell asleep soon after and slept all night long.

Today we took Grace back to the civil affairs office to finalize the adoption.  David had to give her to me while he did paperwork and Grace was NOT happy about it at all. By the time I gave her back to David I was trying to hold back my tears!! It is not fun at all when your child recoils at your touch!!!  Poor David is having to do everything for Grace, if I try to touch her she moves my hand. She did let me feed her some watermelon this morning but that is all the interaction we have had. I know it will get better, but let me tell you, my heart is breaking a bit!! 

We are headed tonWalmart once Grace gets up from her nap...that should be fun.  With the Internet the way it is here in this hotel, I might not be able to post pics until we get to Guangzhou on friday night.  I will update when I can...please pray for Grace....I can only imagine how scared she still is.


  1. My heart breaks for you! I can't imagine what you are going through. It will come in time, just like it did with Ian. Grace just needs to adjust. I am sure you know this and I am sure it doesn't make things easier for you either. I only wish you were home already with more support around you. I pray things get easier for you, David and especially poor Grace. Please continue to keep us posted!!

  2. Jenna ONLY wanted Leo or Lucy...and she is SUCH a Mama's girl now. Just give her space so she trusts you. I painted Jenna's nails which was something fun without too much personal touch. Maybe that would help. Give her yummy food and let her approach you at her own pace...and enjoy watching her form her relationship with her daddy...maybe the first man she's ever really known. How cool! Watching videos of Jenna turning her head away from me is just kind of funny now!

  3. I know how hard this is. Lia was the exact same way. Only wanted Steve for the first week. Things DID get better in Guangzhou. Hang in there!

  4. We're praying for you. I am encouraged to read all the comments on your blog and on your facebook page from those who have walked in your shoes and experienced the same thing. I know each day will get better and better. We will continue to lift you up in our prayers. Love and miss you. ~Lee and Gina