Friday, November 16, 2012

We are here

Hi everyone!! We just made it to the room!! We have been traveling since 7 AM this morning and it is now 6:00 AM USA time...7:10 PM here in China!  I slept 0% on the way here so I am exhausted!! We are about to turn in for the night! Everything went great on the flights! The longest flight had a myriad of shows and movies to watch and I was excited to see they had Downtown Abbey.  some of my friends watch that show and love it but I have never had the opportunity to sit and watch it.  They had 8 episodes to chose from from season 2 so watched them all... I can truly say I am hooked now!!!

Our guide was waiting for us at the baggage area...just as promised :). He told us that we were waiting for 2 more families and their flight was delayed an we checked out the starbucks in the airport and hung out for about 90 minutes.  The other families are soooo nice!!! We are going to have a great time together!!

We are sight-seeing tomorrow all day!! I hope we have the stamina to make it...we are soooo tired!!! Maybe tomorrow night I will have pictures to share!!


  1. So happy you two made it there safely. Can't wait to see pics if you guys holding Grace.

  2. WONDERFUL!!! Hopefully you can get some good sleep! Greg and I LOVE Downtown Abbey! The new season sarts in Jauary!